CCjon and the Phantom, both in trouble


IT’S ALWAYS in the back of your mind, the minute-by-minute risk of rapid tire deflation at speed. It happened to CCjon yesterday in Nova Scotia, sudden failure of the tire he was sitting on.

It veered him and his three-wheeler onto the wrong side of the road. Given that he’s here to tell the tale I guess he didn’t do anything dumb, like chop the throttle or grab the brakes. He got control, coaxed the rig back to the right and slowly over to the shoulder and a safe stop.

Kudos, amigo!

Here he was setting out from the humble manse on Thursday. Now he’s in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, just about dead center in this map.

He’ll be there at least until Tuesday. The tire he needs has to be shipped in from Quebec.

Canadian biker pals of ours, John Coady, Tony Coady and Scott Patterson were monitoring CCjon’s progress across the Maritimes. John’s the closest to the breakdown site, two hours southwest of there in Halifax. He offered to find a tire locally and run it out, bring an air compressor, all the tools required, but this morning CCjon said it’s all good, he’s happy to hang around town and write until the tire guy in Antigonish can get him sorted out.

Never fails! Bikers are always ready to drop everything and rush to the aid of one of their own. In 2011, Beemer rider Jorge Nelson drove 500 miles to help me out when I was on the side of the road with a toasted motor a little west of Spokane.

I wouldn’t even know ol’ CCjon if bikers didn’t watch out for one another. In 2013 I’m squatting by the water’s edge in Haines, Alaska, making a pot of beans and rice, Keith Hackett from Oregon pulls over because he thinks I might be broken down. Ten minutes later CCjon pulls over because he thinks Keith might be broken down.

Keith and CCjon ride sidecar rigs. If anybody sticks together tighter than two-wheeled bikers it would be they who “fly the chair.”

So CCjon made it through the week, but things were looking dicey for the 21st Phantom as he set out to confront a gang of heavily armed criminals. Old Man Mozz, the seer, told the Phantom he’s fated to be gunned down from behind by a coward.

The Phantom has known that for a long time, that his doom is stalking him, Mozz just gave him a few specifics.

Despite all, the Ghost Who Walks keeps moving forward. Because that’s what the stalwart do.

Tony DePaul, August 6, 2017, Cranston, Rhode Island, USA



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3 Responses to CCjon and the Phantom, both in trouble

  1. Laura DePaul says:

    Wow! Glad he’s ok!

  2. Chris Whitney says:

    A little luck once in a while is a good thing, even better when you have the skill to take advantage of it. Let’s hope this is all the drama for CC on this trip.

  3. Tarquino says:

    looks that his guardian angel really works hard. not like others……

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