Bull Run, Virginia


SO REAL STEALTHY-LIKE I creep out of rain-soaked Pohick Bay and make for Bull Run. All I leave behind is a tent print of dry leaves.


Of course, this is plenty for a good tracker to go on. Can’t you see Russell Means kneeling here, old Chingachgook himself? Hmm… ride Harley Road King… eat Fig Newtons all day…


Yesterday, Constitution Avenue, District of Columbia


The Wall


Line 23 from the top, a kid who grew up across the street from us in West Philly. Walter Golaszewski. Nice family. They were all great friends to us. Whenever I’m in DC I make a point of visiting this panel in the Wall, W9.



The tent camping area was deserted last night at Bull Run Regional Park. Just me & iron piggy in the woods with a terrific wind through the trees. I picked a spot where I was reasonably sure none were ready to come down. I heard two fall during the night, not anywhere near me. First one came down as I was drifting off under a wildly swaying canopy. Second crash woke me up out of a dead sleep.



Sunrise through frosty woods. It got down to the mid-20s last night. Water in the ditches was frozen when I climbed out of my toasty warm sleeping bag.



Breakfast is hot tea with a frozen raisin bagel dunked in it. Time to saddle up!

I got on the road and stopped to see Duane Collie, an old motorhead pal who owns The Keeping Room, a high-end furniture store in Alexandria. Très swank. I appear to be single-handedly bringing down property values as I sit here in his office mooching the free electricity & Wi-Fi.

I have a few more things to do around DC before I think about heading north. Might be out of here by tonight, though. Will see what happens.

Tony DePaul, December 19, 2015, Alexandria, Virginia, USA


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