Big Apple for breakfast


I STILL HAVEN’T fully reported on the piglet’s travels in Canada, but now the iron piggy butts in with an impromptu run to New York, New York. It was a quick turnaround. I left in the wee hours Sunday, got there for breakfast, headed home 24 hours later.

Sunrise Sunday, at a fuel stop near New Haven, Connecticut. No windshield. I left it home so I could shoot video from the only up-front camera mount I have.


I rode Interstate 95 to get there, stuck to those fast & twisty parkways and the rural roads on the way back, mostly CT 66 and US 6.


So I get to New York early Sunday and it’s just what you expect: There’s a holdup in the Bronx, Brooklyn’s broken out in fights, there’s a traffic jam in Harlem that’s backed up to Jackson Heights. Toody and Muldoon? Not answering the radio.


And look, baby needs assistance.

Old man! Do something! Your daughter keeps putting my socks back on my feet!


Little D1D1 (Daughter #1 of Daughter #1) is 9 months old and ready to walk. That means the apartment in Jersey City needs radiator covers. That’s why I rode down there, to measure for the covers. John Ross and I will build them in his shop some evening this week and the bride will deliver them next weekend. She and D3 had made plans to drive down to see the little girl anyway, so that works out.

Here’s a 5-minute video I made of the early-morning ride, with an assist from the great Pat Metheny and “Last Train Home.”

Good night, all.

Tony DePaul, September 29, 2015, Cranston, Rhode Island, USA


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